Non clinical

With its significant contributions in 18 national and European clinical trial programs using mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), ECELLFrance has acquired a large amount of data, experience, models, and tools specific to non clinical study of MSC-based products.

The non clinical platforms gather the knowhow, data and tools for studies on different non clinical animal models, on biodistribution and on toxicology studies. They are located in Montpellier, Toulouse and Grenoble. Each platform has its specificities in terms of equipments and fields of expertise to address, altogether, a wide range of possible applications.

Validated animal models

  • Osteo-articular and autoimmune (Montpellier)
    • Arthritis (CIA/AIA/Ab-induced mouse)
    • Osteoarthristis (CIOA/DMM mouse)
    • Scleroderma (HOCl mouse)
    • Delayed hypersensitivity (OVA induced DTH mouse)
  • Cadiovascular diseases, metaboloc and inflammatory (Toulouse)
    • Lower limb ischemia mouse model
    • Diabetes, obesity
    • Peritonitis
  • Skin diseases and regeneration (Clamart)
    • NOD/SCID mouse model of skin wound
    • nude rat model of skin thermal burn
    • mini-pig model of radio-induced burn
  • Neurology (Grenoble)
    • Ischemic cerebrovascular model
    • Brain tumor model
    • Head trauma model
    • Epilepsy (rat and mouse model)
  • Big animal models (ENVT Toulouse)

Evaluation administration routes, clinical and histological monitoring in animals

  • Clinical response, pain assessment
  • Biochemical, immunological and histological analysis
  • Quantitative analysis by medical imaging (MRI, high resolution X-ray microtomography for small animal, confocal laser scanning microscopy,…)
  • Regenerative potential analysis
  • Macroscopic analysis
  • Immunohistological analysis

GLP accreditation biodistribution and toxicology studies

  • Non clinical trials set up and conducted according to regulatory norms: GLP accreditation (Toulouse) and ISO 9001 (Montpellier)
  • Biodistribution and toxicology data available using GLP grade bone-marrow or adipose tissue-derived MSC, after local or systemic injection in immunodeficient mice (list of available pharmacokinetics and toxicology data on demand).

For service requests, you may apply by filling the online submission form.