Cell production

Providing Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) for the French community is part of our mission to promote and assist MSC-based cell therapy in a safe and efficient environment.

ECELLFrance has 5 production facilities located in Toulouse, Grenoble, Créteil, Clamart and Besançon. They belong to 2 public institutions : The EFS (Etablissement Français du sang) and the CTSA (Centre de transfusion sanguine des armées). The MSC produced are used as advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP) for national and European clinical trials, and for preclinical studies.

Cells are used both within ECellFrance teams for internal programs, and by external academic and industrial teams upon request through an application form.

The MSC are of two different tissue sources :

  • Human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (BMSC)
  • Human adipose-derived stem cells (ASC)

Key MSC production offering is summarized below :

  • BMCS or ASC
  • approved for clinical use
  • frozen GMP grade lots for POC/pre-clinical studies also provided
  • available to academics and industrials upon application
  • transplants can be autologous or allogeneic
  • may be genetically modified in our GMP facilities
  • may be associated with a biomaterial
  • linked with QC/potency and immunomonitoring platforms
  • provided with assistance from our team of specialists (experience in over 20 national and European clinical trial programs in cell therapy using MSC)

Requests for support (service provision or research agreement) can be submitted by filling the online submission form.