Toulouse platform

RESTORE institute, CNRS U-5070, EFS, ENVT, Inserm U1301

Research topics

The ECELLFRANCE Toulouse platform conducts research on the therapeutic use of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) and adipose-derived stromal cells (ASC) in the context of cardiovascular pathologies and ischemia.



  • Characterization of MSC and ASC properties (Trophic, regenerating, angiogenic, cardiac and immunomodulatory)
  • Genetic stability of MSC/ASC 
  • Security and efficacy tests of CSM/ASC clinical batches
  • Mouse models of ischemia (leg), cardiac ischemia (implementation and follow-up of the models, cell therapy treatment) 
  • Translational research


  • MSC/ASC human production from different tissue sources 
  • Flow cytometry platform (analysis, cell sorting) 
  • Laboratory animal house of rodents compliant with Good Laboratory Practices ("GLP") (murine models for cardiac ischemia, leg ischemia) 
  • Molecular biology platform 
  • Histology core facility 
  • Proteomics platform 
  • Imaging platform 
  • Redox platform


Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), adipose-derived stromal cells (ASC); ischemic diseases, secretome, metabolomics.

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