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Maïlys Cren, Séverine Kremer, Christian Jorgensen, Danièle Noël, Pascale Louis-Plence et Karine Toupet

From left to right: Claire Abéza, Alexia Gilles, Pascale Louis-Plence, Danièle Noël, Christian Jorgensen, Georgia Afonso, and Emilie Lopez.


Christian Jorgensen is the coordinator of the ECELLFrance national network and member of the scientific committee.

Séverine Kremer is the project manager of  the ECELLFrance national network.


Danièle Noël is responsible for the "Non-clinical models" platform of ECELLFrance at Montpellier and member of the scientific committee.

Claire Abéza is the responsible technical engineer in charge of the "Non-clinical models" platform.

Alexia Gilles is the technical operator in the "Non-clinical models" platform.


Pascale Louis-Plence is the scientific responsible of the "Immunomonitoring" ECELLFrance platform at Montpellier and member of the scientific committee.

Georgia Afonso is the technical responsible engineer in charge of the "Immunomonitoring" platform and  the quality manager of the Montpellier platform.

Emilie Lopez is the technical operator in the "Immunomonitoring" platform.




The ECELLFRANCE Montpellier platform conducts research on the immunomodulatory and regenerative properties of adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) and on their therapeutic use in autoimmune and osteo-articular pathologies.



  • In vitro cellular biology
    • Human and murine MSC culture from different tissue source
    • MSC functional evaluation: ability to differentiate into chondrocytes, osteoblasts and adipocytes, immunomodulatory properties
    • Differentiation  models for human and murine dendritic cells
    • Cell isolation (NK, T and B lymphocytes) /  cell activation
  • In vivo experimental models 
    • Several experimental models and clinical and therapeutical follow-up after treatment by cellular therapy/biothrapy/therapeutic antibody/drug
    • Murine models: collagen-induced arthritis (CIA), arthritis by serum transfer (K/BxN), collagen-induced osteoarthritis (CIOA),  menisco-tibial ligament destabilization (MMD), HOCl-induced systemic scleroderma, delayed type hypersensitivity (DTH), colitis (SCID mice)
    • Immune response evaluation
    • MSC biodistribution and toxicity studies 
    • Imaging and histomorphometric analysis of  bone damages by X ray microtomography
    • Imaging and histomorphometric analysis of  cartilage damages by confocal microscopy
    • Clinical response's semi-quantitative analyses by histological scoring 
Mouse tibial tray by confocal microscopy
Mouse tibial tray by confocal microscopy
Mouse knee by microCT
Mouse knee by microCT
Safranine-O-fast-green colored mouse knee
Safranine-O-fast-green colored mouse knee


  • Immunomonitoring of immune cell sub-population: percent, numeration, differentiation and activation status quantitative analyses of monocyte, dendritic cell and T, B and NK lymphocyte sub-populations 
  • Technical help to set up flow cytometry multiparametric panels 
                                                                                                                                                                                               Immunomonitoring graphical abstract
Immunomonitoring graphical abstract


  • X ray microtomography, SkyScan 1176 model
  • Confocal laser scanning microscopy, Leica Sp8 model
  • Fortessa cytometer, LSRII from Beckton Dickinson
  • Automax from Miltenyi


Claudine Blin (Research Director), LP2M, UMR 7370 CNRS, Université Nice Côte d'Azur, France"

"For several years, we have regularly called upon ECELLFrance for bone imaging analyses. We particularly appreciate their professionalism and interactivity. The analyses are carried out with rigour by a very competent and reactive staff who accompany us with their advice from the sample preparation phase and throughout the analysis. We are extremely satisfied with their services and enthusiastically recommend them."


LexmoorSaint Rémy de Provence, France

 "Services provided by ECELLFrance over serveral years for several in vitro / in vivo drug assesment studies have given full satisfaction. In view of existing technologies, they used state-of-the-art equipement. Data were generated, conducted with great rigour and precision, and clearly and well presented . It should also be noted that the teams are  pro-active and available."


Medincell, Montpellier, France

"Medincell has had a few collaborations with ECELLFrance for PK studies. They have broad knowledge on their expertises which helped us on designing the experiments. They are very professional and efficient on the project. They have respected the defined time line."


  • Mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSC)
  • Differentiation
  • Immunomonitoring
  • Osteo-articular and auto-immune diseases
  • Cell therapies
  • Biotherapies







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