Grenoble platforms

GIN-U836, CIC-CHU de Grenoble

Research topics

The GIN platform has expertise in functional MRI and cerebral perfusion. It is associated with the MRI platform IRMaGe.


The CHU platform has expertise in cell therapy and neuroscience clinical trials. It is associated with:

  • A neurovascular unit carrying a clinical trial using MSC for the treatment of strokes
  • A center for clinical investigation carrying clinical trials in biotherapy (diabetes, ischemia of the lower limbs, stroke) and in immunotherapy (melanoma)


  • Murine models in neurosciences (cerebral ischemia, brain trauma, brain tumor)
    • Clinical and behavioral monitoring
    • MRI monitoring of injected drugs and of labeled cells
    • Anatomical and functional MRI monitoring of tissue microstructure, vascularisation, brain connectivity, and brain activity
    • Stable and transient transfections
    • Tissue evaluation (immunohistochemistry, molecular biology)
    • Human cell biodistribution/tracking in rat and mice models (cell labeling, imaging, and biological monitoring)
  • Cell therapy clinical trials
    • Autologous and allogenic CSM
    • Clinical evaluation
    • Biological monitoring
    • Anatomical monitoring by MRI
    • Functional monitoring
  • Production in GMP conditions
    • MSC from different tissue sources
    • ATMP and good practice monitoring


  • MRI facility (non clinical and clinical)
  • Microscopy core facility (electron microscopy, biophotonic, confocal imaging)
  • Transcriptomics platform
  • Molecular biology platform
  • Histology core facility
  • Surgery room for rodents
  • Laboratory animal house ISO 9001 certified (rodents, primates)


  • Neuroscience models
  • Non clinical and clinical MRI
  • Clinical trials
  • Cell therapy