Clamart platform

Hôpital Militaire Percy - Centre de Transfusion Sanguine des Armées

CTSA - Ecellfrance - Clamart


  • MSC production for clinical use (GMP)
    • Bone marrow MSC
    • Adipose tissue MSC
    • Umbilical cord MSC
    • Gingival MSC
  • Epidermise culture
  • Treatment for acute radiations syndrome and severe thermal burns by MSC administration
  • MSC and ATMP productions, animal models of cutaneaous burns, cell banking


+ ATMP production unit:

  • MSC production for cutaneous burn treatment
  • MSC production from several tissues in GMP conditions


 + Research unit:

  • Human MSC culture from different tissue source and keratinocytes
  • Flow cytometry platform
  • Laboratory animal house of rodents (non GMP) (murine models for cutaneous burns)
  • Molecular biology platform
  • Biochemestry platform


  • MSC production
  • ATMP production
  • Animal models for cutaneaous burns
  • Cell banking